Largest beerhouse in Romania expects 700,000 clients a year, sets up free transport to get clients from the Old Town

With an estimated 700,000 people to enter it each year, the owners of the Beraria H beerhouse estimate it will be the largest restaurant in Romania in terms of traffic. In fact, it plans to ‘steal’ customers from the popular Old Town. The beerhouse officially opens on Friday, September 12, at 20:00.

Located at one of the main entries in the Herastrau Park, just across the alley from the already established Hard Rock Café, the beerhouse aims to attract customers with live concerts from local bands and artists, as well as with fairs and corporate events.

“We want to bring people from the Old Town to our beerhouse. For this, we will provide free transport from the city center,” said Catalin Roman, marketing manager for Beraria H.

The beerhouse has 5,000 sqm of interior space, which makes it also the largest location of this kind in the country. It can accommodate more than 1,500 people at once.

It will serve about 15 types of beer, with prices starting from RON 7 (EUR 1.6), and Heineken will be the main beer supplier. “We want this to be a location where people come each day after work. We didn’t go for a high variety of beers because we don’t think that is suitable for such a location. The main question here is how many beers you drink, not what brand,” said Vlad Dumitru, general manager of Beraria H.

Dumitru is also the main shareholders of the beerhouse, with 50% of the shares. The other shareholders are Iulian Stanciu, the CEO of online retailer eMAG, and Ioana Iancu, each with 25%.

The total investment in the beerhouse was of about EUR 3 million, which includes the setup, the decorations and furniture, the equipment for the kitchen, but also the marketing costs for the opening, Dumitru said. Part of the investment was financed with a loan from Volksbank. The owners estimate they will recover their investment in 3 to 4 years.

Here are some more photos from Beraria H:

Andrei Chirileasa, [email protected]