Jobless rate in Romania falls under 4% in January

The jobless rate in Romania as calculated by the National Agency for Employment – ANOFM went down to 3.99% in January, the lowest level recorded in this month in the last 25 years.

The jobless rate went down by 0.03 percentage points compared to December 2017 and by 0.81 percentage points compared to January 2017.

Close to 350,000 people were registered as unemployed according to local workforce occupation agencies and 74,300 of them received unemployment benefits from the state.

The jobless rate among men was 4.24% while the unemployment rate among women was 3.7%. More than seven in ten of the unemployed, some 250,000 people, were living in rural areas, and close to 30% (102,000 people) were in the 40-50 age group. Two-thirds of the unemployed people only finished primary or secondary school.

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