Romanian city implements major project to change the lives of its poor inhabitants

Hundreds of people living in poor communities in the city of Jibou, in Salaj county, will receive free counseling, medical care, help with choosing an institution of education, and specialized support for employment in a major project initiated by the City Hall and supported by the European Social Fund.

Through this program, the local authorities want to help the city’s poor inhabitants turn their lives around, the measures also including money for children’s education, for house renovation, or for financing entrepreneurial initiatives.

The authorities of Jibou will monitor the evolution of inhabitants in critical situations, providing them step-by-step assistance to social reintegration while applying a comprehensive program with integrated measures to rehabilitate a poor, large-scale community.

“Based on expert studies, we estimate that all people included in this program will be reintegrated within the first two years of launch. We emphasize that the service is integrated and that it will radically change the life of the entire family: parents find a job and keep it, they learn to be parents at special courses, children go to school, have food, clothes, school supplies, and learn new things. We will also renovate 50 houses! And 30 of these people will open up businesses and work for others in the community,” said Silvia Pașca-Pustai, project manager.

Official statistics show that nearly 2,500 people live in the marginalized community of Jibou. Some of them can’t find jobs for various reasons, including a low level of education, so the authorities will help them reintegrate into society. For example, the unemployed parents will receive specialist help and advice to integrate in an educational structure or to get a job, they will benefit from mentoring and vocational counseling programs, as well as afterschool and parenting programs. Also, the City Hall will finance 30 entrepreneurial initiatives with EUR 25,000 each.

Meanwhile, the young people will receive help to get back to school or to choose a profession, while the unemployed will benefit from vocational courses and counseling. The program also includes a financial aid of RON 1,500 per year for children who want to go to school.

Irina Marica, [email protected]