November brings Japanese Culture Month to Bucharest

The Japanese Culture Month starts in Bucharest on November 2, at the Romanian American University.

The event will open with a showcase of the traditional Japanese garment kimono. The kimonos on display have been designed by Nobuaki Tomita, also the president of Kyoto-based luxury fashion company Kyokaori. The Japanese designer worked on film costume design as well, and his creations were featured at various events in the US, China, Italy and Germany.

As part of the same event, a Japanese stamps exhibition of the Meiji era will open at the Romanian Academy Library. The Japanese Film Festival takes place as part of the same event, while the University of Bucharest will host the Japanese Culture Week. This will feature Japanese books presentations, Japanese language and culture workshops, a Chai Party, and various meetings with Japanese students and teachers.

A National Kendo Championship will take place at the Apollo Sports Center. The Nobori Cultural Center, delivering Aikido, Kenjutsu, Sushi, Origami, and Shodo workshops, will also open as part of the month-long event.

Further info on the schedule here.

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