Italian-owned Monza Hospital to invest EUR 20 mln in next two years in Romania

Italian hospital operator Policlinico di Monza invested EUR 40 million in a new hospital in Bucharest, the Monza hospital, and plans to put in EUR 20 million more over the next two to three years to develop it. The 140-bed hospital, which employs 40 doctors so far, will open a pediatric cardiovascular section and an oncology surgery section in the second half of 2013.

The hospital became functional in July 2012, but was only recently officially inaugurated. So far, it has served over 2,200 patients and completed 100 complex surgeries.

The hospital, which is located in a nine-floor building close to the main Bucharest stadium, covers 18,000 sqm and runs eight surgery rooms.

The Italian group Policlinico di Monza runs 10 private hospitals in Lombardia and Piemonte regions, and serves some 35,000 patients every year.

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(photo source: the company)


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