Investor Mru Patel launches book on success, donates profits to Romanian charity

Real estate investor Mru Patel, who has been doing business in Romania for the last eight years, will launch his book ‘The Art and Science of Success’ on April 11, from 17,00, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bucharest. The co-author will donate the profits from the sale of the book to Hospice Casa Sperantei, one of the charities Mru Patel supports.

Patel teamed up with Matt Morris to bring insights into the principles and proven strategies used by successful people. “There are certain aspects which I feel are critical to achieving success. First of all you need to know that success comes when you have massive levels of commitment, when you have the right values, when you are driven and when you have the right energy. I also stress that people often chase success and I suggest to chase excellence and focus on that, because once you become excellent at what you do success will start to follow you,” says Mru Patel.

Mru Patel, an Indian born in Kenya, studied in the UK and is an investor, coach, training and personal development expert.

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