Eastern Romania city tourists travel back in time with the “Tram of Communism”

Tourists and locals of Iasi, a city in Eastern Romania, can now travel through the city like the Romanians did during communism, with a special tram provided by the local Public Transport Company.

Moreover, guides accompany tourists during their trip, telling them all about how it was like to live in Iasi during communism, local Mediafax reported.

The tram, called the “Tram of Communism” (Tramvaiul Comunismului), runs during the weekend. Tickets cost RON 20 and can be purchased from the tram.

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve had guests from both the country and from abroad who wanted to take a trip with the “Tram of Communism”. We had guests from Germany, Morocco, France or Italy. The tram runs on Saturdays starting 10:00, departing from the Târgu Cucu roundabout. Tickets can be purchased directly from the tram, before departure. Also, those who want can sign up for a trip at [email protected],” representatives of the Iasi Public Transport Company said.

The tram has 16 seats and there must be a group of at least five tourists for the trip to take place. More details are available here.

Eastern Romania city has “co-working tram”

Irina Marica, [email protected]

(photo source: Tramvaiul Comunismului Iasi on Facebook)