Hungarian PM: All the reasons to be worried about Romania’s political situation

The Hungarian Government has all the reasons to be worried about the political situation in Romania, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (in picture) said in a recent conference in Budapest. The current political messages in Romania are a novelty, said Orban, who spoke at the conference about voting rights for all ethnic Magyars living outside Hungary. He did not mention the actual political messages that worry the Hungarian Government.

The Hungarian PM went on to say the Hungarian Government supports Romanian patriots dedicated to their state but who also appreciate cooperation with the Hungarian minority and with Hungary.

Relations between the two countries, like many other neighboring states in Europe, have a very checkered history. The Second World War was a low point and the borders changed more than once, during which time both Hungarians and Romanians committed atrocities. Currently Magyars, or Hungarians, are the largest ethnic minority in Romania, they have their own political party – UDMR – and some representation in government.

The documents signed at the end of the conference give voting rights to all Hungarians outside borders and target schooling for Hungarians outside national borders in 2013. Hungarians will get funding from their home country to support them in schooling outside Hungary.

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