Huge rise in organ transplants carried out in Romania this year

The number of organ transplants carried out in Romania has risen dramatically, at the fastest rate of increase in Europe. Over 50 transplants from medically brain-dead donors were realized by May 1 this year, according to local news agency Mediafax, compared to 65 transplants during the whole of 2012.

During one 24-hour period, 17 organ transplants were made, a new record for Romania. “There has been a series of firsts in Romania,” transplant program coordinator Dr Victor Zota told Mediafax. “Eight kidney transplants in 24 hours in Cluj and five liver transplants in 24 hours in Bucharest, as well as four corneal transplants in 24 hours in the capital.”

More hospitals have joined the transplant program this year; 32 in total, involved in the identification of potential donors and maintaining suitable brain-dead candidates in a stable condition, ready for transplant operations. There are new program centers in Deva, Constanta, Braila, Botosani, Vaslui, and Tulcea, plus two hospitals in Bucharest, according to Mediafax.

According to Dr Zota, some 2,500 people are currently living with transplanted organs in Romania, and thousands more are on the waiting lists for transplants.

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