How much does the iPhone 6 cost with the three largest Romanian mobile carriers

All of Romania’s top three mobile carriers, Orange, Vodafone and Telekom Romania, have started the pre-selling campaign for Apple’s new iPhone 6, which will be officially released in Romania starting October 31, 2014.

The prices of the smartphone varies depending on the subscriptions they are packaged with and, in order to get lower prices for the device, clients must pay more on their monthly mobile services bills.

The “cheapest” iPhone 6 can be pre-purchased at Vodafone, for EUR 199, for the version with 16 gigabytes (16GB) of internal memory. This is four times less than the full price for which the same model is currently selling in local online shops, such as and Quickmobile, which is around EUR 800. The EUR 199 price at Vodafone is available for clients who sign a two-year contract of EUR 59 per month (RED 59).

Vodafone’s recommended subscription for the new iPhone 6 is the RED 49 (EUR 49 per month), for which the device is priced at EUR 299. The price goes up to EUR 399 for the RED 39 (EUR 39 per month) subscription and to EUR 489 for the RED 25 (EUR 25 per month) contract. The full price, for which Vodafone sells the device, which requires no subscription with the company, is EUR 739.

The iPhone 6 Plus (16 GB version) is EUR 100 more expensive than the iPhone 6, for each of the contract option with Vodafone.

Telekom Romania Mobile Communications (the former Cosmote) has the iPhone 6 (also the 16GB version) on pre-sale for prices starting at about EUR 271, while the iPhone 6 Plus is available for EUR 339. These prices come with two-year Nelimitat XXL subscriptions of EUR 49.95 per month. The price of the iPhone 6 with the Nelimitat XL subscription (EUR 24.95 per month) is EUR 407 and with the Nelimitat L subscription (EUR 19.95 per month) is EUR 497. The full price for the iPhone 6 at Telekom is EUR 746.

Orange Romania has the iPhone 6 16GB available for pre-orders for prices starting at EUR 349, with a two-year Pantera 41 subscription of EUR 41 per month. The price of the same iPhone goes up to EUR 449 with the Pantera 31 (EUR 31 per month) subscription, EUR 489, with the Pantera 25 (EUR 25 per month) subscription, and EUR 559 with the Pantera 20 (EUR 20 per month) subscription. The full price of the iPhone 6 16GB at Orange is EUR 709.

Unlike Vodafone and Telekom, Orange has also announced the prices for the other versions of the iPhone 6, which come with larger internal memories (64 GB and 128 GB). The iPhone 6 with 64 GB internal memory is EUR 100 more expensive than the basic version with 16 GB internal memory (so EUR 449 for the Pantera 41 two-year subscription), and the 128 GB version is EUR 200 more expensive (EUR 459 for the Pantera 41 two-year subscription). The iPhone 6 Plus is EUR 100 more than the iPhone 6, for the same internal memory and the same subscription.

Andrei Chirileasa, [email protected]