Group of UK wildlife students start journey to Romania to raise awareness for prostate cancer

Daniel Sencier (in picture), a 60-year old who beat prostate cancer he was diagnosed with in 2010, and a group of fellow wildlife students from UK will come to Romania on a two-week journey in order to raise awareness for this disease in the country, while also placing the spotlight on Romania’s forests. This campaign, that will start in May next year, will also include a film featuring Transylvania’s forests. “The main purpose of the film is to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer, both in the UK and in Romania. We chose Romania because it has some of the oldest forests in Europe, which are desperately in need of preservation. You have wolves, brown bears and lynx and a host of other animals. In England we have no forests, that’s why we have no large animals in the wild,” Daniel Sencier told

Paul Mitchell, 34, together with 20-years old Ryan Deal, Rob Brumfitt, 20 and Ashley Howe, 20,all  from the BA Wildlife and Media course at the University of Cumbria, will join Mark Spencer in his journey to Romania. During their stay in the country, they will visit both the “Transylvania Wildlife” and the “Rain-forest Concern” projects in the Carpathian Mountains, according to Daniel Sencier.

The main purpose of the trip and the film they will shoot in Romania, is to give hope to  people suffering from prostate cancer. “In Romania, there is very little awareness among men of this easily diagnosed disease. In England most men who are diagnosed early get cured, but in Romania, they are not diagnosed early enough,” says Daniel Sencier . All the money raised from selling the movie will go to prostate cancer charities in the UK and Romania.

The UK group will fund their own expenses for the trip from their student loans, but they are further looking for someone who can lend them a vehicle to travel in. More about this journey, here.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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