Gabriel Resources hits back at bribery claims in Romania

Gabriel Resources, the company which plans to create Europe’s biggest gold mine in central Romania has rejected a suggestion that it paid-off local politicians.

The company’s refute came after a statement by Romanian PM Victor Ponta on television regarding Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, which is majority owned by Canadian firm Gabriel Resources.

Asked his opinion as citizen on allegations that RMGC bribed local politicians, he said: “Probably yes. I don’t have evidence, but probably yes.”

The mining company today released a response on its website, asserting that it followed strict compliance procedures in Romania.

It stated that RMGC had always acted in good faith and in full compliance with legal framework, with relationships between the company and politicians characterized by transparency.

It added that the company adhered to the UK Bribery Act, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices and the Canadian Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act. RMGC would not be drawn into debates or political conflicts, the statement said.

Shaun Turton, [email protected]


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