‘Friend of artists’ German photographer Angelika Platen brings exhibition to Romania

A photography exhibition called “Please, no photos-Four decades of artist’s portraits,” will bring the work of celebrated German photographer Angelika Platen to Bucharest. The exhibition will open  on November 14  at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) and is organized in partnership with the German Embassy to Romania.

The exhibition brings together 150 portraits made by the famous photographer, and will be attended by the artist and by the Ambassador of Germany to Romania, Andreas von Mettenheim. The exhibition runs until January 13, 2013.

Called “the  friend of artists”, Angelika Platen began her career in the 60s, after studying photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Hamburg. The artist was able to familiarize international audiences with  the faces behind works of art. Over 1,500 artists’ portraits are in the Prussian Cultural Heritage Archive (Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz BPK) in Berlin. These were made in workshops and galleries at dokumenta from Kassel, at the Biennale in Venice and Lyon, museums and art fairs in Basel, Berlin, Chicago, Cologne and Paris.

In 1998, Angelika Platen returned to her first passion – black and white photograph. These portraits include shots of the artists Jeff Koons and Jonathan Meese, Christian Boltanski and Sylvie Fleury and have been exhibited in the National Gallery in Berlin, Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, the Art Gallery of Prague, museums in Hamburg, Bologna, Barcelona, Goethe-Institut in Paris and Washington.

Ioana Toader, [email protected] 

(photo source: The artist’s website)



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