Fox’ Bar and Restaurant review: Aqua restaurant (7-9, Nordului St.)

Aqua Restaurant

Update! Aqua Restaurant burned in 2012 and is no longer available.

Aqua is a restaurant set in an idyllic location on the banks of the Harastrau Lake. Its modern and sophisticated style places it firmly in the upper end of the restaurant spectrum in Bucharest.The excellent food, service and setting make it all worth the price tag, a fact proven by its customers. It is always busy.
Large sliding doors open up the comfortable seating areas inside so you can enjoy the warm summer weather from within. However at this time of year, an outside table is the place to be. The fabulous lake side garden is encased by large mature over hanging trees.  To secure a table outside a reservation is necessary.
In the middle of this garden there is a large island bar where you can enjoy a pre dinner cocktail. There are some great cocktails, but unfortunately no cocktail list and guidance from the waiter is required.  You can remain at the bar to have dinner, a perfect option for two diners.
The menu is extensive with a wide range of European cuisine, good fish and meat. Very good Sushi is also available. On the three occasions I have eaten there recently I have gone with an open mind and been guided very successfully by the waiter. There is a good although modest selection of quality wines fairly priced.
Dining in the beautiful garden evokes feelings of escapism, such as being cast away on a tropical island perhaps. These are likely to disappear however when you leave the restaurant and get into the back of a Bucharest cab.  Still it is nice to dream.
Aqua gets top marks in my book, and if you are looking for something above the ordinary then this should satisfy your needs.

Richard Fox, [email protected]