Forbes: 500 richest Romanians have EUR 25 billion total wealth, down 11% on 2010

The 500 richest Romanians lost EUR 3 billion off their cumulative wealth, according to the most recent top published by Forbes Romania. The total wealth of these 500 people stays at EUR 25.1 billion, a drop of 11 percent on last year’s estimations. The first ten Romanians in the top have almost a third of the total wealth – over EUR 8 billion.

Dinu Patriciu, who is also the owner of Forbes’ publishing company Adevarul Holding, is still the richest Romanian, with an estimated wealth of EUR 2.2 billion, down around EUR 100 million compared to 2010. Second comes Frank Timis, with EUR 1.3 billion, mostly from investments in mining, pharmaceutical companies and research. He managed to grow his wealth by EUR 100 million. The third place is occupied by Ioan Niculae, an investor in agriculture, trade, real estate and tourism. His wealth was estimated by Forbes at EUR 1 billion. Dan Adamescu, who owns the Unirea Shopping Center in Bucharest, ranks fourth, with a wealth of EUR 950 million, down EUR 50 million on 2010. Ion Tiriac went up on the fifth position, with a wealth of EUR 750 million, down EUR 50 million on last year.

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