Bad weather in Europe cancels several flights to and from Romania

Several flights to and from Romania have been canceled due to the bad weather in Europe, especially in UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

A British Airways flight that was supposed to land at the Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport at 23:00 on Monday, December 11, appears as “canceled” on the timetable available on the website of the National Airport of Bucharest (CNAB), reports local Mediafax. The aircraft was supposed to fly to Bucharest from London.

Also, a Wizz Air flight from London, which was supposed to arrive to Bucharest at 02:55, was also canceled.

Meanwhile, a British Airways aircraft scheduled to take off from the Bucharest airport on Monday morning at 08:00, flying to London, was canceled.

Changes may appear throughout the day. The timetable at the Otopeni Airport can be checked online here.

Meanwhile, seven flights to and from the Timisoara Airport in Western Romania, scheduled for Sunday and Monday, were also affected by the bad weather in Europe. They were connecting the Romanian city to London, Eindhoven, and Munich. However, other flights may be affected as well. The timetable can be checked online here.

Many flights from London Luton Airport were affected over the weekend by the bad weather. This has also affected more than 100 Romanian passengers of the London Luton-Cluj flight scheduled for Sunday morning, who remained at the airport after their flight was canceled. They were supposed to depart with another aircraft, at around 15:00, but this flight was also canceled, reports local Mediafax. They waited in the airport for several hours, as they were told they can leave with an aircraft at 19:00, but that flight didn’t take off either so the passengers were advised to schedule another flight for Monday, December 11.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]

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