Finnish group wants to make armored vehicle in Romania

Finnish group Patria, a provider of technology solutions and services in the field of defense, has recently submitted to the Romanian authorities the project for the production and financing of the 8×8 Patria AMV armored vehicle.

According to the project, the 8X8 armored vehicle would be produced in Romania with an important involvement of the Romanian defense industry from the initial stages of implementation, reports local

The core product and its derivatives will fully meet NATO interoperability requirements and standards, as well as the technical requirements of the Romanian Army. The project will make a significant contribution to the revitalization of Romania’s defense industry, by creating 250 direct and indirect jobs, according to Patria representatives.

In mid-April, representatives of Patria met with Government officials to talk about the possible production of an 8X8 armored vehicle in Romania.

Ten years ago, the company was involved in a corruption case in Slovenia for the sale of 135 armored vehicles for the military modernization of Slovenia after joining NATO. Following this deal, the former Slovenian prime minister Janez Jansa was sentenced to prison.

The Romanian authorities want to equip the army with 8×8 armored vehicles. German group Rheinmetall also wants to produce 8X8 armored vehicles in Romania, in partnership with the state-owned Moreni plant.

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