Film produced by the Arad Chamber Theater, presented in Hungary

A short film co-produced by the Arad Chamber Theater was presented last week at the first edition of the Hungarian Film Week in Budapest, an event presented by the Hungarian National Film Fund and the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

The movie called Agape is one of the two common projects of the Hungarian theater from Western Romanian city and Mirage Film Studio from Budapest and was financed by the Hungarian Media Sponsorship Program in 2013.

The film presents life on a typical farm, where time seems to have stopped, from the perspective of an old couple. The main roles are played by awarded Hungarian actors, including Haumann Péter and Romanian born Lázár Katalin.

The director, Bánovits Ottó graduated the University of the Arts in London and participated last year to the Cannes International Film Festival as screenwriter for the movie „Awake”.

Agape  and the other international co-production called Stage fright will be presented in Arad in early 2015.

The international artistic collaboration continues, as another project of the theater and the Hungarian company was selected for financing in 2014. Shooting is planned to begin next March.

The total budget of the three films is almost 50 000 Euro and all of them will be presented on the Hungarian public television.

Paul Sinka, guest writer

(photo source: Arad Chamber Theater)