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How to thrive & help others have a good work, family life in Romania

Romania offers some perks one hardly finds anywhere else. Think low cost of life and high internet speed, yummy food, parties and hospitable people. Yes, life in Romania does have its ups and downs, like anywhere else in the world. Here’s a handy guide to help you enjoy the ups and navigate the downs. It’s suitable for foreigners living, working or investing in Romania, as well as for Romanians – either those who returned from abroad and are trying to re-adapt, those who sometimes travel or work abroad, or those who simply want to enjoy life more in Romania.

So, what to do to enjoy a good life in Romania?

Make a list of what is important for your personal (and/or work) life, and cross-check it against what Romania has to offer. Try to find a local alternative to everything on your list, even those items which seem far fetched. Enjoying life anywhere requires a commitment, and sometimes trying new things. For example, do you enjoy spending time with your family and eating gourmet meals? Then choose a family friendly vacation across Romania, eat some local produce and slow food cooked together with your family, and try one of the gourmet restaurants in Bucharest. You will not be disappointed.

In case you do business in Romania, and you are often puzzled by how things work locally, think how easy or how hard it would be elsewhere in the world, but don’t forget to take into account the big picture! While some things might work smoother abroad, the market opportunities and profit – making potential is also higher in Romania. To enjoy a good work life in Romania, we believe it is essential to have your own network of people to be trusted, who might share insights, insider information, advice, or help carry out good business deals. You would have to constantly invest time in meeting new people and getting to know other businesses, at events or networking gatherings. The good thing is that in Romania, it is relatively easy to get access to decision makers in big and small companies or find your target customers. You could, for example, join the Feel at Home in Romania Fair on November 16 to both find potential customers and do some quality networking, perhaps to find those trusted advisors we all need. If you don’t feel like meeting people, you could at least sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned news-wise.

Many people equally praise Romania’s nature and its culture. Make it a habit to discover something new in Romania regularly, be it a region where you’ve never been before, or a new guesthouse or a mansion with good reviews. This will help recharge your batteries but also connect you more to Romania. If you live in a big Romanian city, or in capital Bucharest, life outside it might come as a breath of fresh air, even if for a few days. Check out recommendations and be curious! The same applies for culture, be it attending cultural events in Bucharest or elsewhere in Romania, or learning about the country’s culture and history, and even dipping a bit into the Romanian language if you are a foreigner. This might also come in handy on the business front.

For those doing business, finding new clients should go hand in hand with offering them quality service and keeping them in the long term. Consumers in Romania more and more require premium services and are impressed by the little details and companies going the extra mile for them. There is definitely room for growth in Romania on this, and any company embracing the quality pledge will stand out. You could also stand out by supporting Romania-related causes and associating your brand image to a positive Romania – which you can do at the Feel at Home in Romania Fair this autumn.

Be the positive inspiration you’d like to see all around you. Yes, this advice may sometimes be overused, as it can apply to so many things in life! But Romania needs, most of all, positive examples and people to lead the way, to inspire others to value this country more, change things that do not work and preserve what is valuable and beautiful. Whatever nationality you might have, a small gesture or just sustained positivity in everyday life could be the spark someone else needs, who in turn could help another one, this triggering a chain reaction. That would improve life for everyone!

What else do you do for a good life in Romania? Do share your comments below and don’t forget to join us on the Feel at Home in Romania Fair on November 16 – either register for yourself or join as a fair partner with your company to reach your business goals and help others.

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