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Pinning Romania on the map may not be easy for many- that is, without the use of the Internet. Finding online information about the country has never been easier. We at Romania-Insider.com try to give a complete set of information for those who want to learn more about the country. We can’t pretend we are the only insiders in town (although we’re the ones who have turned this into their job), so we’ve searched for some of the most active expats in Romania in the online world. They write on their blogs about their journeys to and through Romania, which turns their blogs into interesting reading material.

By Irina Popescu

Jovanka Balak Secondary English Teacher at Peace Corps in Romania, from Bosnia

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Jovanka Balak was born in in Mostar, Bosnia. She decided to apply for the Peace Corps in March of 2010 just as an option. From April 2011 she is a Secondary English Teacher at Peace Corps Romania. “I have never felt so good about any decision before and I know that the next two years will be filled with amazing experiences, memories, lessons, and people who will remain with me throughout the rest of my life”, she says on her blog.

Rupert Wolfe Murray ­- Journalist, communication consultant

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After graduating in history and politics from Liverpool University in 1985, Rupert Wolfe Murray went to Tibet where he taught English and wrote a travel book. Rupert covered the Romanian revolution as a journalist and then got into humanitarian relief work in Romania and wartime Bosnia. Since 1999 Rupert has been working as a communications and management consultant in Romania, on donor funded projects on child rights and regional development. Together with Iulia Sebesan, he set up Productive International with the aim of providing communications solutions for public and private sector clients. He also recommends a Blog for news and side information.



Martin Harris, the British Ambassador to Romania


Martin HarrisUK Ambassador to Romania

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Martin Harris is the Ambassador at the British Embassy in Bucharest. He came to Bucharest after doing a course in Romanian language in Iasi, which was also an opportunity to learn about Romania’s history and its culture. Previously, Martin Harris has served at the British Embassies in Kiev and Moscow as well as at the UK Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna.

Ilias PapageorgiadisGreek real estate investor in Romania

Blog, More info, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Facebook account.

Ilias Papageogiadis was born in Katerini, Greece, and came to Romania in January, 2004. From 2004 he is CEO at MORE Real Estate Services, one of the top 10 companies on the Romanian Real Estate market. Except MORE Real Estate Services, he is also CEO at the new company, MORE Green Energy, from January, 2010, until present.

Mike and Sue Kieffer Couple from the US

Blog, More info, Twitter account.

Mike and Susan Kieffer got married in 1980. Mike together with his daughter Leanna and her husband, Levi, went on a short-term mission trip to Romania with Calvary Chapel of Kingman’s senior pastor, Ron Lee, in August, 2010. From that point they decided to live in Romania. Levi and Leanna got married in Transylvania, on top of the ruin of Dracula’s Castle, according to their blog.

Raoul Pop

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Raoul Pop is a “Romanian by birth and American by upbringing”. He emigrated to the United States with his family in 1991 and grew up in America. Currently, he is sharing his time between the US and Romania, spending most of the year in Romania. He is the owner of Raw Generation company in Romania, together with his wife. He likes writing, photography and filmmaking. He currently produces a series of short films called Romania Through Their Eyes.

Odessa Renee TomaAmerican married to a Romanian

Blog, More info, Facebook account,

Odessa Renee Toma is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and currently lives in Tulcea, Romania. She loves to bake, likes photography, reading and she is attempting to write her own novel, according to her blog. “I love the idea of blogging, and hopefully will produces some really good reading for someone out there”, she says on her blog.

Sam cel Roman- an American who claims to be more Romanian than us

Blog, More info, Facebook account, Twitter account.

Sam cel Roman is an American “who has been living in the country of Romania for a long, long time”. He is the author of “The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania: 2011”, a book about “timeless wonders that Romania has to offer”. Besides that, he writes on another blog. On his main blog, he delves into the Romanian language and culture and goes into details like few foreigners do. ONe of the must reads.

Steven van Groningen- Dutch, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, married to a Romanian

Blog, More info, Twitter account, Facebook account.

Steven van Groningen was born in Netherlands and spent 14 years in Romania. Since 2002 he is the president and CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Romania, one of the largest banks in the country. Besides that, he is part of both local and international communities, banking and sports being two of his most important things. He is also involved in several organizations and initiatives, such as Romanian Banking Association, Aspen Institute Romania, Foreign Investors Council, and others.

Paul Wood- British headhunter

Blog, More info, LinkedIn account, Facebook account

Paul Wood is “an English headhunter in Bucharest”, interested in literature, history, politics, and more. He has been working in executive search in Romania since 1998 and set up Apple Search Selection in January 2000. In Bucharest, he was Senior Consultant for Antal International before starting Apple.

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