Almost 400 urban areas in Romania do not comply with EU waste water treatment rules

The European Commission has sent a letter of notice to Romania for its failure to comply with EU rules on urban waste water treatment in large urban areas.

A total of 189 large agglomerations in the country are still not in conformity with the urban waste water collection obligations under EU law, while 198 large agglomerations do not comply with treatment obligations, according to the data provided by the Romanian authorities to the EC.

After Romania’s accession to the EU, large agglomerations should have ensured adequate collection of urban waste water by the end of 2013 and treatment by the end of 2015.

If Romania fails to act within two months, the cases may be referred to the Court of Justice of the EU.

Under EU law, towns and cities are required to put in place the necessary infrastructure in order to collect and treat their urban waste water. This is needed as untreated waste water can put human health at risk and pollute lakes, rivers, soil and coastal and groundwater.

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