EU funds for investments in Romania’s agriculture: main information for submitting projects

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (called FEADR in Romania) will finance agriculture projects in Romania until 2013. The next session for submitting projects on this line will open at the beginning of next year- 2012.

By Roxana Mircea

The funds that are given through the line 121 are for:

Building and /or modernisation of the buildings that are used in the farm;

Building or modernising the interior roads, including the utilities identified as necessary through the fesability study;

Building or modernising dairy farms;

Construction or modernisation of greenhouses, including the power station and irrigations;

Buying or buying in leasing new tractors, combines –harvester, machines, equipments

Establishing the plantations of trees, strawberries, grapevines;

Investments in order to process the agricultural products in the farm, including equipments in order to sell the products and to store them.

The costs which cover the preparation of the project-consultants,engineers, taxes for permits and authorisations are also eligibile in the project, maximum 3 percent if the project doesn’t include construction or 8 percent if it also has a construction.

The costs with the aquisition of the land, VAT, buying second hand equipments, expenses that are made before signing the financing contract are not eligible. The contribution in kind is also not eligible.

The applicant has to contribute with a cofinancing part wich is 50 percent, plus the non eligibile expenses. When the project is submitted, the applicant has to prove the financial capacity through a letter of confort and an account statement.

The scoring of each project is determined by the age of the shareholder ( those under 40 years old get maximum points), the integration of the firm in an association with minimum 6 months before applying, the farms that are processing also the products, the localisation of the land in less favoured areas.

For the period 2010-2013, the maximum amount non-refundable is EUR 800.000, between 40-75%. The maximum eligibile value has to be below EUR 2 million. The 40 percent ratio will increase by 10 percentage points for young agricultors under 40 years, and by 10 percentage point for projects in the less favoured areas. The evaluation of the project takes arround 6 months.

In order to apply, the applicant has to prepare together with the consultant a project containing a feasibility study, a request for financing with detalis about the investments, about the busines that will be developed or initiated.The applicant will have to employ somebody or to do by himself training in the domain the project will cover.

Before starting to prepare the project, it is recommended to make a scoring applied on the investment, in order to have a competitive project and also to budget the investment according to the financial possibilities.

Roxana Mircea is a specialist in non-refundable state aid and in EU- funded projects. She has been working in these areas since 2007 and has coordinated more than 130 such projects. To get in touch with her, e-mail roxana.mircea[at]


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