Essential Romanian phrases at work


Buna ziua, eu sunt noul vostru coleg/Hello, I am your new colleague.

Ma numesc Y si sunt din Z /My name is Y and I come from Z (your country name)

Voi lucra in departamentul X /I will work in the X department.

Ma alatur voua ca sef al departamentului/ I am joining you as head of the department.


Buna dimineata, ce faceti/ce faci? /Good morning, how are you (plural/singular)?

Salut, ce ai facut in weekend? /Hi, what have you been up to last week-end? (for Monday mornings)

Ce bine arati azi! /Looking good today!

Imi pare rau ca am intarziat, nu se va mai intampla. /I am sorry I am late, it will never happen again.

A intarziat metroul/The metro was late.

Am fost blocat in trafic/I was stuck in traffic.

La revedere!/Good-bye!

Seara buna! / Good night!

Ne vedem maine! /See you tomorrow!

Noroc! Sanatate! Chef! /Bless you! (when someone sneezes; three possible answers in Romanian; the word Noroc means Fortune, Sanatate means Health, and Chef means Party)

Coffee/Food/Going out

Vrei o cafea? /Do you want a coffee?

Fac eu cafeaua azi. /I am making the coffee today.

Mergi la pranz cu noi? /Joining us for lunch?

Vrei sa comanzi de mancare cu noi/mine? /Do you want to order some food with us/me?

Vii cu noi la o bere diseara? /Want to join us for some beers tonight?

Vii cu noi in club in weekend? /Want to join us to a club next weekend?

Pofta buna!/Enjoy your food – Bon appetit!

Work performance

Sigur, ma ocup de asta imediat/Sure, I will start on this right away.

Momentan sunt foarte prins cu treaba, dar ma voi ocupa de asta/I am currently caught up with work, but I will take care of this.

Nu stiu /I don’t know.

Computerul meu nu merge/My computer is not working.

Computerul meu este foarte lent/My computer is very slow.

As dori sa discutam despre o marire/I would like to talk about a raise.

Sunt foarte multumit de activitatea ta/I am very happy with your activity.

Cred ca trebuie sa iti imbunatatesti activitatea/I think you need to improve your activity.

Demisionez! / I quit!

Esti concediat! /You’re fired!

Din pacate nu mai putem lucra impreuna/Unfortunately we have to let you go.

Sunt fericit sa te anunt ca am decis sa te promovam/I am happy to let you know we’ve decided to promote you.

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(photo source: Colliers)