Euronews covers the “Romanian village without thieves”

An article published on the website of Euronews looks at the village of Eibenthal, in western Romania’s Mehedinți county. The village is known as an area where no thefts take place.

Eibenthal is one of the several Czech villages in the country’s Banat region. Its inhabitants are mostly ethnic Czechs.

The “thief-free” reputation of the place emerged as villagers had to make up for its relatively isolated geography. With bread deliveries made only three times a week, the residents of Eibenthal leave the money in bags hanging on the fences and, at the end of the day, they find the bread and the change from their purchase. The cash they leave in the bags is never stolen.

The Euronews article can be read here.

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(Photo: Brakava/ Wikipedia)

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