Govt. adopts draft law on Romania 2040 strategy

The Government adopted on Thursday, May 10, the draft law for Romania’s Development Strategy until 2040.

According to the bill, a special committee led by the Chamber of Deputies president Liviu Dragnea will be in charge with drafting the Romania 2040 strategy. Once adopted, this strategy will become mandatory for all the governments to come.

The Romania 2040 committee will include representatives of the Romanian Government, Presidency, parliamentary parties, Romanian Academy, Economic Programming Council and the National Strategy and Prognosis Commission. The committee will carry out its activity between July 1, 2018 and July 1, 2019. It will draft the development strategy taking into account three scenarios: optimistic, moderate and pessimistic.

After being adopted, the strategy will be updated every three years based on changes in international and domestic economic and social conditions.

Ruling party leader to coordinate Romania 2040 development strategy

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