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photoHow Deutsche Telekom Services Europe – Romania implements the “Relax. Create. Share” concept at work

This year, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania opened their new offices in Timisoara, marking the second location on the Romanian map after Bucharest. The decision comes after the company had a successful and dynamic activity in the capital of Romania. The concept behind the whole space in Timisoara is simple. “Relax. Create. Share”. This reflects their working philosophy as they believe that relaxed people can be more productive and more creative. Also, the company encourages dialogue and sharing ideas.

That is why the innovative spaces developed for the offices of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe – Romania are divided into three categories: relaxation areas where employees can work in a different environment than the classical offices, think tanks placed in the middle of the classical work areas, but which offer the privacy that someone needs for a brainstorming or finding solutions to various issues, and finally, socializing areas designed precisely to encourage dialogue and for employees to share ideas. Furthermore, there are all kinds of technological tools that help employees share ideas with their colleagues from abroad.

DTSE Romania delivers support function services such as HR, Accounting, Reporting, Finance, Project Management and robotics projects for the entire Deutsche Telekom footprint since January 2016. Currently, there are approximately 250 people working in Bucharest and Timisoara, and the number of positions is rising. Timisoara was a relatively easy choice due to the fact that the employees here are focused on nearshoring activities for Germany. Also, there is a significant number of German speakers in this area of the country.

As far as the employees’ profile is concerned, they are young, with an average of 29-30 years. 83% of them are Millennials, over 65% in the first years of their career and 96% have bachelor’s or master’s degree. The company has a diverse and multicultural working environment reflected by the following numbers: 60% are Romanians and 40% are expats. As for the non-experienced employees, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania provides training programs, and beside this, the newcomers can get support from their colleagues by having a dedicated buddy in the first months in the company.

DT AG (Deutsche Telekom Group) opened a Shared Service Center in Bucharest, in 2013, focused on HR and offering support to all the entities in the DT Group in Europe. In the development process, the next step in the evolution of the company was the opening of the Timisoara office in early 2017. In May 2017, the name of DTBS (Deutsche Telekom Business Services) was changed to DTSE Romania, becoming a part of DTSE GmbH, an entity active in 10 locations (including 2 in Romania: Bucharest & Timisoara) from 4 countries, all offering support services for Deutsche Telekom Group entities. Deutsche Telekom Services Europe is present in Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.

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