Designer Christmas trees auctioned at charity event next week

The Christmas Trees Festival (Festivalul Brazilor de Craciun), an annual fundraising auction organized by Save the Children Romania, will have its 18th edition this year.

The event will take place at Stejarii Country Club on December 6, and aims to raise funds for the school education of 5,000 children, beneficiaries of the School after School programs.

Every year local designers create Christmas trees especially for this event. Last year, 30 special Christmas trees were sold during the charity auction. The total funds raised during the event amounted to over EUR 673,000.

So far, in the 18 years dedicated exclusively to helping children get the school education they need, Save the Children Romania managed to bring almost 34,500 children back to school, managing to raise over EUR 4.5 million with the help of companies.

More details about the Christmas Trees Festival are available here.

Irina Marica, [email protected]

(photo source: Salvati Copiii Romania)