Dealu Mare region of Romania gets new cycling route

The famous wine region Dealu Mare in Prahova and Buzau county could become one of Romania´s top destination for cycling tourism. Carpathian Tourism Cluster Romania has launched a pilot project, the new “Dealu Mare Cycling Route”, which passes through the most beautiful parts of the Dealu Mare region, giving cycling tourists an excellent overview of Romanian culinary and wine tradition, culture and nature.

The “Dealu Mare Cycling Route” is 140 km long and it can be covered in five days by people at intermediate level, who have some cycling experience, considering the terrain is hilly and flat as well. The project also targets cycling tourists coming for a day or a weekend from Bucharest or Brasov.

Bikers can also benefit from the wine tasting opportunities in the area or choose to have rustic picnics in the vineyards. Monasteries can be visited at Ghighiu, Jercalai and Ciolanu. Historical, traditional art museums, sheepfold products, enjoying quiet oak forests and spas are also important points of attraction.

Mircea Crisbasanu, project coordinator and manager of Cycling Romania, believes that the area of Dealu Mare has several advantages and shows great potential for cycling: “It is close to Bucharest, only 60 km away, and the means of reaching Dealu Mare will be considerably eased by the construction of the highway sector Bucharest – Ploiesti. There is very low car traffic along the route and this gives the bikers the chance of entirely admiring the beautiful hilly landscape.”

The “Dealu Mare Cycling Route” project is a pilot project and part of the cycling tourism development strategy of Carpathian Tourism Cluster Romania, which wants to develop and promote sustainable cycling tourism in the Carpathian Mountains area.

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