Dancing colored water fountains in Bucharest starting this weekend

A lights and music show will accompany the official re-opening of the 22 water fountains downtown Bucharest this Friday, September 19. The show, part of the Bucharest 555 celebration, will start at 19:00 in Unirii Square, and will see the water ‘dancing’ and changing colors to the rhythm of the music.

The 22 water fountains were revamped by the water company Apa Nova, which installed lights and sounds installations, as well as sensors, and a system to control everything remotely. The system can render any color of the spectrum.

The fountains have also been named to mirror the city history, on the one hand, and to match the seasons of the year, on the other.

The show on Friday will also include a live multimedia show by Zoli Toth Project, and will include classical music, pop, rock, jazz and Romanian folk songs.

Apa Nova started renovation work on the water fountains downtown Bucharest in May this year.

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