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Simona Fodor
Senior Editor

Simona joined the Romania Insider team in 2015, first working on our travel guide in English and, later, writing features and interviews for She holds a BA in Romanian and English and an MA in American Studies from the University of Bucharest and started her journalism career in 2003.  Simona divides her time between her hometown Ploiești and Bucharest. While in Ploiești, she enjoys spending time with her family and taking long walks with the family dog. Going through an ever-expanding reading list and traveling, now replaced by travel literature and documentaries, are some of her favorite activities. You can get in touch with her for stories about arts, culture, and travel: 


15 April 2021

An exhibition of painted eggs, decorated with motifs inspired from the icons painted on glass, opens today, April 15, at...

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13 April 2021

Easter Menu at Home

Easter is one of our favorite holidays, and this year, more than ever, it’s a great occasion to

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