Cyclists will march for “a city for people” in Bucharest and Constanta this weekend

The cyclists in Bucharest and Constanta will march for “a city for people” this Saturday, April 22. The tenth Cyclists’ March in Bucharest will start at 14:30 from Herastrau Park’s Charles de Gaulle entry, according to the Facebook event. Those interested can find the route here.

According to the organizers, the protest’s reasons haven’t changed since 2013, and they include: the failure to apply road safety measures, encouraging motorized transport when the city is the most polluted European capital, and the city administration’s lack of vision for increasing the quality of life. The protesters are also unhappy that people responsible for millions of euro worth of damages to the city budget caused by the illegal reception of faulty bike lanes have been kept on their positions and that the authorities have failed to apply measures aimed at increasing public transport efficiency by providing dedicated lanes.

“The tenth Cyclists’ March in Bucharest will take place on April 22, 2017. Starting 14:30, all those who feel like they don’t belong in a city of cars, we expect you to ask together a city for people,” reads the event’s presentation.

Also on April 22, the third edition of the Cyclists’ March will take place in Constanta seaside resort. The participants will meet and start the march from Ovidiu Square, at 14:30. Find out more here.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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