Creative young Romanians bringing art back

Seven young Romanian artists are gaining recognition for their efforts to regain artistic territory lost during communism.

New York based website “Art Times” call the Romanian collaborative project Pencil Nex Eastern Europe’s new artistic age and a stark comparison to creativity’s dark days during communism.

“These young artists represent Eastern Europe’s new age art, having a very unique way of drawing and mastering the graphic arts, which is a real subject considering the fact that during Romania’s communist regime art was mainly forbidden and considered a waste of time,” the author states.

“Pencil Nex’s unique way of doing things and the way they bring art closer to the people and bringing people closer to the artist represents the new current in Eastern Europe.”

A dissenting voice, Pencil Nex’s had a very clear mission to bring back art to the attention of the new generation, taking their inspiration from people, politics and natural beauty.

Vlad Teodorescu Birla, Co-Manager at Pencil Nex, said they were trying to bring back quality over quantity.

“It’s a very difficult path we have chosen, but we are very determined to stick to it because we know that it is just a matter of time before art will flourish once again in Romania, Eastern Europe and in the rest of the world,” he said.

“Given the fact that communism was based on quantity, not quality, we are trying to communicate, through our artworks, that the poles have to be reverse. Everybody should start wanting quality over quantity, being an example of mind over matter.”

Read the rest of the Art Times piece here

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