Crazy – shaped vehicles to go downhill near People’s Palace in first Red Bull Soapbox race Romania

The famous Red Bull race which has homemade, gravity-powered soapbox amateur vehicles racing downhill large cities in the world will take place in Bucharest for the first time this fall.

The first such local race already brought together 70 Romanian teams which will compete on Sunday, September 14, on Calea 13 Septembrie in Bucharest, starting 13:00. Racers will go downhil with the help of gravitation, passing by the famous People’s Palace.  Entry to the event is free of charge.

The handmade vehicles the 70 teams will race in are fueled only by the team’s courage and gravity. The non-motorized racing event, organized by Red Bull to promote their energy drink, is already a well known crazy race across the world. The first such event happened in Brussels in 2000, and was followed by over 40 similar races across the globe.

Vehicle designs are often extremely creative, shaped like various large items and placed on wheels. The race is open to anyone who wants to have fun, wants to showcase creativity and their need for speed.

For the race in Bucharest, the first prize is a 4-person racing camp in Austria, on the Red Bull Ring. The second prize is a 4-person trip to the freestyle motocross race at Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, while the third place is a 10-person day of karting in Romania.

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