End-summer events: Craft beer festivals in Bucharest and Iasi

Two festivals dedicated to craft beer will be organized in Romania in the coming period, in Bucharest and Iasi.

The first one, Bucharest Craft Beer Festival, will be organized this weekend (August 31-September 3), at Verde Stop on Barbu Vacarescu Blvd. Visitors will be able to choose from more than 140 different brands of beer and cider produced by over 45 manufacturers across the country and abroad, as well as different types of food. The program will also include live concerts.

One-day tickets for the event in Bucharest cost RON 20 and can be purchased online at Iabilet.ro and Entertix.ro. More details are available here.

A similar event will be organized the following weekend (September 7-8) in Iasi, Eastern Romania. Called the “Giraffes’ Festival,” the event will also be dedicated to craft beer, but visitors will also get to try tasty street food and enjoy some good live music. Further details are available here.

Irina Marica, irina.marica@romania-insider.com