Comment: Romanians need solutions, brands need loyalty

Let´s face it, reality is tough. People are very busy and spend much time thinking about how to solve their problems, from both their personal and professional life. This is not just my point of view, an article recently published on this media revealed that 8 out of 10 Romanians feel the effects of stress through various symptoms or diseases, as they are stressed and overworked.

That’s why companies should give solutions to the consumers in order to gain their loyalty and be successful with their products. Your brand should be seen as a relief that makes their lives better. The idea is to communicate that your product or service is not only outstanding, but is also the solution they were looking for, either consciously or unconsciously.

Unfortunately, nowadays there is not much time to think left for consumers, so identify how your brand may help people, which problem is solved thanks to it, and say it to them. Preferably, in a clear way, easy to remember. Buyers does not want to hear anymore how fantastic is your brand, they want to know how your brand will make their lives happier, how it will become an indispensable partner.

If you understand your clients – which is essential for your business whatever it is -, you should know the aspirations they want to fulfill, the problems they have to face, the concerns they might have in the future, their insecurities, the challenges they have to fight for everyday, and so on. Once you know this, start studying which is the role of your product within these situations.

Surveys say that most of the purchases, except for the very expensive ones, are made following emotional reasons. If you get to be one of those products which people rely on, the emotional connection you would have created will be extremely strong and lasting, which is the brands´s most important goal.

The interesting thing about this, and your advantage as a seller, is that most of the times people are not even aware of those circumstances that can be improved and make their lives easier. It’s your task to show them that there is a better way to do it.

You show them the situation, then give them the solution.

By Marina Garcia Perez, guest writer

Romania Insider
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