Comment: Romanians have so much potential if only they open their minds and ideas to the right mentors

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Romania has one of the highest ratios of entrepreneurs now and growing (estimated at 10% percent). Do you wonder why only certain people from the society are able to discover and exploit opportunities that make them successful entrepreneurs? Why the rest, living in the same environment, could have never thought of those ideas? Why are there so few success stories from Romanian entrepreneurs abroad? Yet, there are so many small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs already in Romania. So what’s the missing piece here?

I strongly believe that the entrepreneurial stars need to start speaking and working in the international language of English as well as practice speaking and presenting the business language in every opportunity possible.

If you can’t present your ideas well to any foreign potential investor in English, you could lose the deal and the investor. Attend English speaking training courses, and secondly, try and get an English speaking mentor (not the local coaches with just Romanian exposure who just dream of taking you global.)

Romanians have great skills and talent but lack business planning and investor presentation skills as well as marketing to see outside the box the full global picture and potential they have locked up inside. How did Mark Zuckerberg come up with idea of a social networking site while sitting in his college dorm with friends at 24? How did the idea of the World Wide Web spark in the mind of Time Bereners Lee?

Those are the business ideas that revolutionized the modern world and made $100 million fast with a customer base spanning across continents. Well, there are many people like you and me who have transformed or are going to transform their life and that of their communities by changing their small business ideas into a start-up venture with big impact.

I personally believe it is a matter of skill and not luck that transforms one from an employee to an entrepreneur.

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Once you find an idea, you need to incubate it further to create a specific business concept. Take time to explore the idea. Compare your business idea against the environmental forces and resource capabilities.

Vision is completely essential, you will have a better chance of success when you know exactly where you want to be and how you are going to get there. If you lack vision ask for help from a mentor. Keep goals noted and force them to be achieved.

You will need the right mind-set from the start, especially when looking for your idea, you need to keep your eyes open as well as your mind.

I consider finding the best business opportunity is like playing jigsaw puzzle. When you do it for the first time, you take a lot of time to complete it. Once you get adept at it, you become faster.

Why is one individual able to perceive and think about new capabilities in a manner that creates superior value? It is certainly not the inherent genes that differentiate their thought process. Perception and creativity are now proved to be skills that can be learned by coaching and practice.

Research indicates that there are four biggest drivers to the core process of identifying a business opportunity. Just like the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle, these four components have to be present together to hit the jackpot!

I wrote about these in my latest book, Fast Track Your Business to Success.

I strongly believe that Romania has more opportunities at a lower cost of entry to make it a success as a global player based locally but have the exposure to the global field from local presence. Here is to your success!

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By Mru Patel, guest writer

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