Comment: Internal communication, the great unknown in Romania

Guest writer Marina Garcia Perez shares a few ideas on how to improve internal communication within companies in Romania. 

We all know the value of external communication for the good of a certain enterprise, including a wide range of activities such as delivering press releases, event management, corporate social responsibility, community management, and so on. Summing up, we all know the importance of a well public relation program to boost the company’s visibility and reputation. But, what about internal communication? This is something that, according to some Romanian companies’ philosophy, will not reach the public sphere so it doesn’t have much sense. I do not agree. It does make sense, and here’s how I think internal communication can improve.

Share the corporate knowledge: Employees should understand what really goes on in the company, not just those issues related to their daily duties. They have to know the different departments’ responsibilities, their colleagues’ projects, the company’s business ideas and vision, and the background of projects, among many other matters. If so, when having a meeting or a business discussion they will be able to fully speak about the enterprise and provide further value to it. This employee will create a trustworthy and confident impression, being able to give significant details and being a fresh ambassador of the company, not just of a specific project. Besides, this knowledge will help him in his everyday task, knowing to whom he should ask for support. It can be accomplished through an internal newsletter or publication which might underline the most important facts, a shared folder, or even through periodic group meetings.

Create internal dialogue: It would be wrong to just bombard your employees with information. Instead, you have to make them dialogue with the company. Clearly, employees have questions, doubts, complaints, ideas to improve and much more, and all these comments need to be attended for the good of the company’s development. You can place a mailbox where they can introduce inputs letters, a specific chapter on the company’s website or a face to face monthly meeting. An employee who feels heard is priceless, and the company’s performance will definitely benefit from that. As Steve Jobs once said, “it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”.

Organize “mini-teambuildings”: Rule out the classical teambuilding that is always in the back of your mind, the one that’s expensive and far away. What I suggest is to carry out more frequently group activities, and also more affordable ones. You can organize lunches for all your team in special occasions, gymkhanas and simple treasure hunts close to the office, cultural visits to museums or places related to your business. Just try to keep your employees together and the daily work will be better.

If you can have smart ideas for your external communication, or even for your clients’ communication, I am sure you can also create them for your own employees, the most important resource of your company. Internal communication is about making your company go in the same direction, which is critical for its reputation. All these internal activities will be reflected out there, so they will finally end up being part of your external communication.

By Marina Garcia Perez, guest writer