Comment: Branding Romania – a few ideas

With so many great PR consultants, marketing specialists and smart communicators, I find myself wondering how it’s possible that Romania still undergoes such an unfortunate image abroad. The talent and creativity developed along the years in the communication field are so high in this country that it should be used as a distinct advantage when changing that negative perception. Then, why don´t start promoting some of their key virtues? Let´s fantasize about creating a brief strategic communication plan aimed at enhancing the Romania´s reputation.

We might focus on the Spain´s capital, Madrid, which has been the home of many Romanians citizens for a long time.

First of all, we would surprise the population creating some expectation and curiosity. Several photographs from exceptional places and landscapes all over the country will be sent to the city houses. They will be delighted by the beauty of the Danube Delta, Peleş Castle, Transfăgărăşan Road, The Bucovina Region, Ceauşescu’s Palace, Carpathians Mountains, the village of Sighișoara, Herastrau Park, Salt Caves, the Merry Cemetery and the many charming monasteries built in the north of the country. None of these images would have any signal or name about their origin.

During the morning, there will be people spread around the capital delivering authentic Romanians’ CVs whose goal is to demonstrate the very high level of both education and professional experience held by many Romanian citizens. People will discover the resumes’ nationality by removing a label from them, which doubtless would cause a big impact on them.

At some points of the day, an audio recording would be released allowing people to hear various Romanians speaking in different languages such as Spanish, English, French or Italian. Listeners will surprisingly realize how well Romanians are able to talk in foreign languages.

The flow of events continues! In order to highlight some memorable historical facts as well as popular traditions and legends, big posters will be placed around the city featuring moments such as the recognition of Romania as an independent state, the Greater Romania period, the communist years, the 1989 Revolution, the Orthodox Religion and the epic Dracula legend, amongst many other remarkable facts that help outline the Romanian personality.

As in each country, the food is a reliable reflection of the culture, history and way of living. We couldn’t miss it on this occasion. Traditional meals would be delivered at the city’s main square, including sarmale, salata de vinete, mici, ciorbas and the very sweet and traditional Papanasi.

Finally, we should make stand out the enjoyable nightlife of the Romanian capital. During the night, young people will distribute flyers with some of the best clubs in Bucharest, in Lipscani area as well as in the city’s surroundings. Party fans will be amazed by the multiple possibilities, different styles of venues and great shows offered within the nightlife until the sunrise!

The strategic communication plan would reach the end through a viral video which will disclose the population’s reactions and new impressions about the great unknown ROMANIA! And after this, let’s hope to obtain a worthy and valuable Return on Investment.

By Marina Garcia Perez, guest writer

Romania Insider
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