Comment: Authority, the Romanian brands’ new partner

For many businesses, the key issue always ends up being the same: “how to stand out from the competition” – a normal consequence of a saturated Romanian market where each product can be provided by multiple brands. The dilemma gets more complicated since all of them bomb the audience with similar messages and parallel prices. So, what to do as a brand to reach and engage Romanian consumers? The underlying need of Romanian citizens of feeling safe will lead us to the correct answer within this market: demonstrate your authority.

It is a must to show the audience that you are an expert on your field. I am not just referring to know everything about your product – which is obvious -, but to provide a full range of additional information to your clients to help them get the maximum benefit of that product. The possibilities are boundless, but the first step should be made by considering some questions. These include what your client might want to know while using your product or service, which kind of tips he might appreciate, or how this customer might want to combine that product with other options, tools or services. Your brand has to be seen as a specialized figure which offers not just a product, but complete assistance and experience throughout all the process, before and after the sale. A brand which doesn’t just sell a certain item, but rather a partner.

For example, if your company sells sport shoes, we can assume that the person who buys them might be interested in knowing the correct postures to run, the different modalities of this exercise, or even further sport activities to combine with. Why not be you the one responsible with providing this information? The client will promptly understand that besides buying a product, he or she is acquiring advice, know-how and protection for the same price, apart from saving a lot of time. In conclusion, you will make him feel safe with your brand.

This strategy can be developed with all kind of business. If your shop sells women’s accessories, you can inform consumers about the latest trends, the best way to combine colors, and also fashion ideas to mix with other accessories.

Once you have identified that extra information that the client might want to know, the next step is to carefully think about the most appropriate channels to communicate it. In many cases, the budget has a lot to say here, but what will make your brand succeed is perfectly knowing your audience in order to choose both the best platform and format to share the content. Some potential channels may be blogs, social media, leaflets in store, digital magazine, newsletter, personal training, handbook, a dedicated website, follow-up calls, and so on.

Who wouldn’t feel safe next to a brand that cares about you and responds to all your needs beyond the physical product? Nowadays, the efficient sale is not about selling as many items as you are capable of, but making the customer repeat that purchase, over and over again.

By Marina García Pérez, guest writer