Comment: A promising gamble on Romanian PR

Guest writer Marina García Pérez, who is currently working in Romania in the PR industry, shares her story and speaks about how the local PR industry shapes up in her eyes, as well as how communication in general works in Romania.

Leaving the great city of London behind me, looking for opportunities in Bucharest might sound quite strange, even crazy, and I was aware of this! But I made the move anyway, and in fact I could not be happier about the professional challenges this country offers me every single day.

I had already been involved in the journalism industry since I started my degree a long time ago, when a Romanian PR agency opened the door to me and l discovered the PR world. I wish to discuss a field that is constantly gaining greater importance amongst the companies operating in the country as well as within the popular consciousness. Being honest, very surprising for me!

Romania has been witnessing a remarkable growth in PR which has sprung up strongly since 1989, after the collapse of the Ceausescu regime. I would dare to say that in the 20 years of its short-life, Romanian PR has been good enough to reach the European international standards of practice, – a much older and experienced market – and indeed, time enough to compete with it. Several Romanian campaigns and programs have received awards in recognized international festivals such as the SABRE Awards, the Cannes Lions Awards, and European Excellence Awards or IPRA Golden World Awards.

As the business vision leads us, since 1989, Romania has been the home of many prestigious worldwide PR companies’ headquarters which are sharing their skills with the local Romanian agencies, some of them, incredibly well-known, important and very competitive. I should take this opportunity to say that, I am lucky that I am one of those whom is able to directly see how they are developing towards a promising international future. The vast range of knowledge for foreign languages held by most Romanian people helps local agencies to expand without barriers. This is an outstanding skill which I was not expecting as they can with amazing ease speak Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, German and of course, English, besides many others.

My many talks with my colleagues involved in PR – mostly women, as it seems to be the rule in this area wherever you go – have led me to understand that the main characteristic of PR in Romania is its creativity. My humble experience in Bucharest also backs up this point of view, as I have had the opportunity to attend gorgeous and overwhelming events and campaigns developed within the capital. This creativity along with the competitive environment creates an encouraging backdrop for those who want to grow professionally.

Apart from all of that, the main thing I like about this subject is how Romanian PR gambles on young people no matter their experience, as they believe in fresh ideas. PR agencies are full of young professionals willing to do their best and put into practice all their energy and communication skills. Of course, experience is always a plus point, but here in Romania I have realized how most companies try to train junior employees in order to help them become better PR professionals, capable of funky thinking and originality.

But not everything is so idyllic. Every now and then there are some organizational problems that make the days prior to an event an authentic countdown nightmare. Misunderstandings and, specially, a lack of foresight could be some of the areas that Romanian PR should focus on and continue improving. The dates for plans and timing are issues that can be easily changed and it is something quite difficult for foreign professionals to get used to. Deadlines can be very cruel here!

So now I am eager to continue learning from my PR experience in Romania, which despite my original expectations, is a sector that is quickly developing in all respects and is going through a constant improvement in professionalization. I will keep you posted!

By Marina García Pérez, guest writer

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