Chinese companies eye wind farms, agriculture and mining in Romania, FT writes

Several Chinese companies have discussed the possibility of investing in wind farms, agriculture and the mining system in Romania with the local Government in the last month, in an attempt to increase trade in Eastern Europe. Among the planned Chinese projects in Eastern Europe is a EUR 1 billion thermal power plant, according to the Financial Times. “China is building a bridge across the Danube,” FT writes. “Dozens of Chinese companies also attended a round-table with the Romanian government at the Expo this month to attract fresh investments – and not without result. The China Development Bank pledged generous support for developing Romania’s wind power,” according to the article.

“China’s trade power cannot be turned back. In fact, it could create important opportunities for Eastern Europe’s development. So rather than trying to exclude China, Brussels should streamline its economic policies to consolidate influence in its periphery. Granted, eastern Europe will not be sucked into a Chinese sphere of influence any time soon,” wrote the articles signed by Jonathan Holslag, head of research at the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies.

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