China’s famous Terracotta Army marching this year to Romania

Terracotta figurines from the famous Chinese Terracotta Army will be on display in Romania during an extensive Chinese archeology exhibition from the second half of April onwards in Bucharest. The exhibition will be hosted by the National History Museum in Romania (MNIR).

The exhibition of China’s Treasures will include 101 archeological pieces dating from the final neolithic – 3500 BC – until the 18th century AD.

Apart from the famous terracotta figurines – several soldiers and a horse – the exhibition will include jade objects, painted ceramics, bronze and porcelain artifacts.

The first agreement between Romania and China for this exhibition was signed in November last year. The Chinese authorities will finance the transport and the insurance of the pieces for the journey, while the Romanian authorities will cover the expenses of setting up the exhibition and its catalog.

The exhibition will be open until the end of August.

The terracotta army was buried along with China’s first Emperor, Qin Shihuangdi, the idea appearing to be to provide the Emperor with an army to protect him and subjects to rule over in the afterlife. As well as thousands of life sized statues of soldiers, the Emperor’s mausoleum includes chariot and horses, plus many other ancient artifacts.

The army was discovered in 1974, and the area where it was discovered is currently one of the most visited tourist sites in China.

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(photo source: Wikipedia)


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