Bucharest Stock Exchange ups 2013 turnover, profit on high trading revenues, new public offers

The Bucharest Stock Exchange posted a growth of 40 percent in its turnover last year, to some EUR 5.4 million, mainly due to an increase in its revenues from trading, it has announced.

Its net profit was of EUR 2.2 million, up 11 percent on the year before. Out of the net profit, almost half was achieved in the last quarter of 2013.

The BVB reported 14 percent higher trading revenues on the main market, excepting public offers, and an almost five-fold increase in revenues from public offers.

“The last quarter of 2013 was the best since the beginning of 2008 in terms of trading value and BVB ranked second in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of IPO proceeds in 4Q of 2013,” according to its statement.

The stock market capitalization on the BVB was of EUR 17.8 billion end 2013, up 47.5 percent on 2012, according to data from the Federation of European Securities Exchanges, quoted by the BVB. The growth was triggered by the increase in share prices for listed companies, as well as the two new listings, of Nuclearelectrica and Romgaz, which together added EUR 3.6 billion to BVB’s capitalization.

More about BVB’s financial results in 2013, here (in pdf, in English).

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