Sony World Photography Awards on display at Bucharest Photofest

Photography festival Bucharest Photofest takes place this year between September 25 and October 8 in several spaces throughout the capital.

The event has documentary photography as its theme this year, and Sweden is the guest country at this edition.

The festival will bring to Bucharest photos awarded in the Sony World Photography, featuring topics focused on North Korea, Iraq, the Middle East, Iceland or Canada. A total of 35 events, ranging from exhibitions and film screenings to debates, workshops and portfolio presentations, are included in this festival.

Some of the photographers and filmmakers who will be present in Bucharest for the event are: Niclas Hammarström (Sweden), Nidal M. A. Rohmi (Palestine), Troy Moth (Canada), Polina Shubkina (Russia – Romania), Dean C.K. Cox (SUA – Sweden), Elisa Purfürst (Germany), Ada Condeescu, Vlad Petri, Ioana Moldovan, and Aurel Manea (Romania).

Bucharest Photofest is part of Photo Europe Network, the largest photography festivals network in Europe.

The full program of Photofest is available here.

(Photo source: Bucharest Photofest Facebook Page)

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