Practical Bucharest: Pet hotels & sitters in the Romanian capital

For most pet owners their pets are not just pets, they are family members. So every pet owner needs to know that their 4-legged friends are safe and happy when they need to go away for a few days. We’ve made a list of pet hotels & sitters in Bucharest to consider in case you need to leave your pet somewhere or with someone for a few days.

Ringstar Pet Hotel 

This pet hotel in Bucharest offers services for dogs, cats, as well as other pets such as birds or reptiles. Prices vary depending on the time of year when the owners want to have their pets accommodated in this pet hotel, as well as the type of room and services they want to pay for.

For dogs, Ringstar has five accommodation options, namely standard rooms (8 sqm), premium rooms (9 sqm), rooms with terrace (16 sqm in total), rooms with webcam (9 sqm), and VIP rooms (10-16 sqm). The prices vary from a minimum of RON 65 (EUR 14) per night for a standard room off-season to a maximum of RON 150 (EUR 32) per night in a VIP room in high season. The pets should be checked in after 14:30 and taken from the hotel before 14:00.

Cat owners have two options, namely rooms with webcam (about 2.5 sqm) and VIP rooms (10-16 sqm). The same as in dogs’ case, prices vary between a minimum of RON 50 (EUR 11) per night off-season in a room with webcam and a maximum of RON 150 (EUR 32) per night in high season in a VIP room.

Address: 6 Odaii street, District 1, Bucharest. More details here.

Planeta Ham Ham 

This pet hotel also offers several options to pet owners, from economic rooms to VIP rooms where the pets would have more chances to feel like at home.

For dogs, the options are: economy – an individual enclosed area of 6 sqm, price RON 50 (some EUR 11) per day, classic – indoor accommodation with a small terrace, price RON 70 (EUR 15) per day, homestyle – a room with webcam, price RON 90 (EUR 19) per day, and VIP – a bigger room with a terrace and access to webcam, price RON 120 (some EUR 25) per day.

Cat owners also have two options to choose from, namely the cat salon – RON 40 (EUR 8.5) per day, and the cats world – RON 60 (some EUR 12) per day.

Check-in/check-out: Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00, and Saturday and Sunday between 09:00 and 16:00.

Address: 162-164 Barbu Vacarescu street, District 2, Bucharest. More details here.


MarcoVet is, in fact, a veterinary hospital, but it also offers pet hotel services for dogs, cats, and small animals such as hamsters, Guinea pigs, frogs or parrots. It offers indoor and outdoor accommodation for prices varying between RON 42 (EUR 9) and RON 105 (EUR 22) per day. However, clients can also choose monthly subscriptions of RON 1,800 (EUR 386) per month for dogs and RON 1,600 (EUR 343) per month for cats.

The indoor accommodation means spaces of 3-11 sqm, the hotel having the capacity to accommodate 30 large dogs, 18 small dogs and 24 cats.

Address: 115 Campul Pipera street in Voluntari, Ilfov county, close to Bucharest. More details here.

Pet Hotel Regatul Animalelor Brancoveanu 

This is an option for owners of cats, birds or other small pets, prices also varying depending on the time of year and the type of room.

Off-season, the cats can stay here in a classic space – RON 44 (EUR 9.5) per night, in a VIP room – RON 66 (EUR 14) per night or the Extended VIP room – RON 110 (EUR 24) per night. In high season, the prices go up to RON 54 (EUR 11.5), RON 76 (EUR 17), and RON 120 (EUR 25), respectively.

The pets should be taken from the hotel before 15:00.

Address: 75 Radului street, District 4, Bucharest. More details here.

Other options for cat owners: Daisy Cat Hotel – 10C Ficusului street, District 1, and CatShop Hotel – 1 Drumul Taberei.

However, pet owners who don’t want to leave their beloved pets in a dedicated hotel, for various reasons, can try pet sitters. There are several online platforms that can help owners find the best pet sitters, such as, or Pet sitters & dog walkers can also be found at or

Tip: All pet owners want their pets to have the best time when they’re not around, so it would be better to try to find more information about a pet hotel or sitter/walker from a third party such as other pet owners who have tried these services or the comments and ratings on the pet hotels’ Facebook pages.

Have you already experienced pet hotels or pet sitters in Bucharest and want to share your story? If so, please drop a line in the comment box below.

Irina Marica, [email protected]