Bucharest City Hall launches own newspaper

Bucharest City Hall recently launched the first issue of its official newspaper, which is called Bucurestiul Meu (My Bucharest), Paginademedia.ro reported. The newspaper is published through ARCUB, the Cultural Center of the City of Bucharest.

The free-distribution newspaper runs an interview with mayor Gabriela Firea on the cover of its first issue. The interview lets the residents of Bucharest know that the municipality “is building a city friendly for people and the environment.”

The newspaper also includes an interview with actress Ioana Moldovan, the wife of journalist Doru Buscu. In addition, the publication includes various articles covering the projects of administration.

Readers can find out from the publication that the Foisor Orthopedics Hospital is a “medical unit at the highest standards” and that the auction to purchase new buses for the city goes on, despite difficulties. This August, the bid for the purchase of new buses was canceled because of a malfunction of the Electronic Procurement System.

Another article lets the public know that 100,000 people attended the events organized by the City Hall for the Bucharest Days, that the capital’s District 4 will have wider streets and 10,000 new parking spaces, and that some taxes can be paid to the District 5 City Hall via SMS.

The aid that the capital’s City Hall is giving to children with disabilities is the subject of another article, as is the aid for two-parent families, while the Municipal Holding is presented in another as “a huge step towards a European administration.” The Holding was set up this year and includes over 20 companies in charge with various public utility activities that were previously delegated to private companies or departments within the City Hall. The City Hall plans to hire 2,000 people to work for the holding.

The City Hall is also planning to launch a new web portal, that would allow Bucharest residents to pay their taxes online.

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