Bridge toll lifted during weekends on Romania’s Sun Highway on lack of system to speed up payments

Romanian authorities were forced to cancel the Danube bridge toll on the A2 highway between Bucharest and the seaside during the weekend, to avoid traffic jams. The measure was announced by Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who said this is a ‘typical Romanian measure’, which shows the Highway Authority’s incompetence in finding a way to cash in the toll and avoid traffic jams at the same time.

On Friday morning, a 45-minute traffic jam blocked the highway at the Fetesti bridge across the Danube, triggering a 10-kilometer car queue on the way from Bucharest to Constanta.

The A2 highway gets crowded during weekends as many Romanians head to the seaside. The bridge toll at Fetesti was an issue in previous years too, when authorities always ended up canceling the toll altogether for the same reason.

So far, drivers have been paying the toll to toll cashiers, who would have to hand over the receipt and the cash exchange. Initially, the toll was canceled only during certain time intervals during the weekend. This was decided after a mini-holiday in the beginning of summer, when drivers had to wait for up to two hours to pay the bridge toll.

The Romanian Highways Company is currently working on the documents to modernize the bridge toll system.

The toll will no longer be paid starting every Friday at 13,00 until Monday at noon.

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