Brazilians and tourists travel by Romanian wagons during FIFA World Cup

Thousands of Brazilians and tourists traveled during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which ends on Sunday, by railway wagons produced in Romania.

Astra Passenger Coaches Arad (Astra Vagoane Călători) imported 95 wagons to the host country of the tournament as part of a EUR 116 million contract signed in 2012 and closed this year.

The first class, second class and restaurant wagons were produced in Arad in accordance with the latest technical, comfort and safety standards.

Video surveillance, fire detection and entertainment systems of the wagons were provided by the Romanian company UTI Grup.

Astra Passenger Coaches Arad is the largest domestic player of the Romanian railroad and tram passenger market and the main supplier of the Romanian State Railways CFR.

By Paul Sinka, guest writer 

(photo source: Astra Passenger Coaches)