Belgian group buys pet food factory near Bucharest

Belgian group United Petfood took over Nordic Petfood, the biggest Romanian producer of pet food.

The Romanian company’s owners decided to sell to accelerate the producer’s development and expand its business in Easter Europe with the help of a powerful group, local Ziarul Financiar reported.

The Belgian group has nine factories in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Poland and Spain. It produces over 400,000 tons of dog and cat food each year, which it sells to over 40 markets. Its annual turnover amounts to over EUR 275 million.

Nordic Petfood and Nordic Petfood Distribution had a combined turnover of some EUR 26 million in 2017, according to company data. The company’s shareholders were Romanians Iulia Stana, Sara Pufan and the Moldoveanu family, according to recent data from the Trade Registry’s Office.

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(photo source: Pixabay)