Baneasa’s Grand Cinema Digiplex expects revenues of EUR 7 mln in first year [PHOTOS]

Grand Cinema Digiplex, the new cinema in Baneasa Shopping City north of Bucharest, is expected to report revenues of EUR 7 million in the first 12 months after the opening, Ali Ergun Ergen (in

picture, down), CEO Baneasa Developments told Moreover, Ali Ergun Ergen hopes that the alternative content, such as events, special screenings and concertswill bring up to 10 percent of the estimated revenues.

In the first year, 800,000 people are expected to visit the cinema opened in Baneasa Shopping City, while the number could increase to 1.2 million people in two years, said Ali Ergun Ergen. The cinema is operated by an internal Baneasa team of 50 people, the CEO of Baneasa Developments told

Grand Cinema Digiplex will be open on September 23, two months before the established deadline,  following investments of EUR 19 million. The 14,000 sqm cinema will offer 2,600 seats and will be a fully digital cinema, the largest in Romania. It will have VIP halls as well as a Grand Ultra hall, with 500 seats and the largest screen in the country, according to the mall owners. A second 500-seat hall, Grand Epika, will have a large screen and adjustable seating, catering to the needs of fashion shows, concerts and conferences.

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Corina Saceanu, [email protected]

(photo source: Baneasa Developments)


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